North62’s Story was founded with the idea that no matter where you are from or what challenges life throws your way, you can always rise above them and become a success. Your history doesn’t define your future.There are so many others with the same story. The realization that these shortcomings are what equipped me to deal with real life and what made the desire for success so much more meaningful.
Always moving with that underdog mentality. This is our brand #RiseAbove

We strive to represent and bring awareness to those who are often overlooked and underestimated. Our designs reflect and celebrate the spirit of the underdog, who despite all the odds, still finds a way to prevail.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a streetwear brand that not only looks great on the outside, but also has a deeper meaning and helps to inspire those who resonates with our story. We present a positive outlook for those whose already counted us out. We take pride in exceeding those expectations. We represent the underdogs. If you’re rocking our streetwear, you’re one of us.

Giving Back

We at North62 Co. donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the local rescue animal shelter.